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How good are decks?
The decks are perfect. Strong, lots of pop, and really light. 100% Canadian Maple, made in North America, and at the top of industry standards. We take pride in the quality of our decks. We wouldn't want to skate anything else.




What file formats do we support?
We accepts high resolution .jpg and .PDF files.


Where can I find templates?
You can download templates for all of the BoardPusher shapes, as well as some design hints at the following link: http://www.boardpusher.com/help/design-tips-templates

All dimensions are listed for vertical deck designs. For horizontal deck designs, you need to flip the dimensions. Recommended resolution for best printing is 300DPI.


More design tips




How long will it take?
It usually takes between 3-4 days to produce the deck from the date the order is placed. Australian orders are shipped via Fastway Couriers ground, which takes 3-5 days. International orders are shipped via regular mail and take 2-4 weeks.

Express shipping rates within the U.S.A. are as follows:
FedEx Ground (default) = $9 (4-5 business days)

2 day FedEx = $45

Overnight FedEx Overnight = $65

Express shipping requests must be sent to info@creativewraps.com.au. Please include the order number, the date you need it by and your contact information. A representative will contact you shortly.

How do I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of the order by entering your order number and email address at the following link: http://www.boardpusher.com/help/order-status

Once the order has been shipped, the above link will supply you a Fastway Couriers tracking number.


How do I cancel an order?
To cancel an order, either send the request to info@boardpusher.com or call 1-888-615-8704. Cancellations will only be granted if the deck has not yet been started in production.




What is not acceptable?
The following types of graphics and images are strictly prohibited from the BoardPusher.com website, unless you are the owner or have received permission from the owner of the graphic or image.
- No names, pictures, or logos of companies, products, or pro skaters (i.e. John Deere
Logo, or Eric Koston's name)

- No graphics that resemble or mimic the likeness of a third party's logo, product, or

- No text or graphic of a third party's logo, product, or graphic.

- No images or graphics downloaded off the internet.
You will only use graphics, images, and text that you have designed or have obtained rights to use. You will in no way infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party.

Dves Creative Wraps reserves the right to refund and cancel your order at any time for any reason, including copyright violations.


When does copyright apply?
As soon as an artist creates a work of art, it is protected by copyright. Artists (or their agents) then have the right to determine how and when a work can be reproduced. Similarly, all content submitted to the Creativewraps.com.au website is protected by International Copyright Law.


Does Dves Creative get the rights to my design?
No, Dves Creative Wraps solely reserves the right to print your graphic when it is purchased from the site. All contents you upload to Creative Wraps remains your intellectual property.






Can I return a deck?
Skateboards are manufactured of sheets of laminated wood and can break under stress. Skateboard decks are not warranted and cannot be completely guaranteed by the manufacturers. Therefore, Creative Wraps does not allow any returns on broken or cracked skateboard decks.

However, Creative Wraps will replace skateboard decks under the following circumstances:
- Skateboard was printed incorrectly. If the skateboard received by the customer does not match the design preview on the website, the skateboard will be considered as printed incorrectly. A perfect color match cannot be guaranteed since all computer monitors do not display colors in the same way.
- Skateboard deck is returned within 30 days of receipt
- Skateboard is as new and un-skated
- Skateboard grip tape has not been applied
- Skateboard trucks, bolts, or stickers have not been applied

In lieu of replacement Creative Wraps, at its sole option, may refund the purchase price. Shipping costs will not be refunded. If you need to return a product, please contact us to obtain the proper address to ship your return. Your credit card will be refunded upon receipt of your returned skateboard deck.

If you feel there is a printing error or quality issue with the product, please send the question to info@boardpusher.com. A representative will contact you shortly.