Custom Designed Wraps

Advertising YOU can Drive ANYWHERE.


A clean image can make a big difference in the way the public will see you.

A Creative Design for Business Advertising and Exposure is essential for your brand to stand out. 
Choose a Custom Designed, Printed Wrap for Personalized and Business Automotive Wraps, Vehicle Graphics,
Home and Office Walls & Furniture Feature Displays.
Specializing in custom prints, fleet kits, interior & exterior digital printing. Choose a basic colour change wrap to partial or full complete auto wraps. Specialty vinyl film selections include Various colours in carbon fibre, metallic, and
the 2020 NEW AVERY Color Flow film to digital printed custom designs.  Computer cut vinyl lettering stickers and decals.

Custom Automotive Wraps  //

"Take an advertising billboard banner and wrap your vehicle with it. "

With a Custom Designed Wrap - YOU can take your brand anywhere, receiving as much Exposure everywhere you drive.

A weekend trip up the coast, or perhaps the neighbor from across the street at the job you're on working at, everywhere you go, potential business can be achieved. Creative Wraps for your company vehicles can open new areas of exposure in for business thus creating more Brand interest. Your market is as far as you want to drive it...




Design concepts are proposed after a initial consultion to determine the clients needs. Once design is approved, printing and vehicle preparations begin.

Graphic Designed Wraps are then sent to print ready for production.

Wrap Media is applied to vehicle surface and post heated for maximum adhesion.
We use the latest Wrapping Films with matching Laminate in:  | Gloss, Matt, Luster finishes | Perfect for: basic Colour Changes  |  Digital Designed Prints   |   Interior Panel Wraps 

We offer an " At Your Place " installation service, ask about rates for your location area.



Custom Wall Wraps  //

Illuminate your wall with a LightWALL. LED Back light Wall skins.

​A feature wall is a great way to pull focus in a room and create a room ingredient to write home about. After all, they don’t call it “feature” wall for nothing. Also known as an accent wall, this design trick is all about taking a blank wall and embellishing it with unusual textures, bold colours, a powerful print of treasured mementos for the home, to corporate branding for office and public walls.

We provide both Interior and Exterior High Quality Digitally Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl to Sailtrack Banner Skins.


Consider a illuminated feature wall from a transparent back-light banner skins. With the inclusion of LED lighting systems behind the framed sailtrack banner creates a glowing wall of imagery. Perfect for interior illuminated feature walls, as well as outdoor and lightbox signage.

Custom hand-painted signage for that traditional hand brush look is also offered.
We host a dedicated Traditional Signwriter for top quality replication of branding to custom designed work.

Custom Painted   //


Getabout Wheelchair Trike



Logo Design for TTC GYM + Wrap Design


wrapping microbial handle.png

The antimicrobial film PURZON060M/B is an appropriate and reliable solution which meets hygiene and safety requirements 24/7.